Our Networking and Talent Communities for Recruitment and HR Professionals

Granite Consulting are the creators and founders of Recruiter Networking Group (RNG) and HR Networking Group (HRNG) on-line communities for recruiting and HR professionals. Through Granite's ION Groups business arm, Granite has brought together HR, Recruitment, and Talent professionals to further the professions we are all so passionate about. Granite works with these communities to gain knowledge, extend networks and reach more of the community through active participation in the online forums and leveraging community experience.

Connecting Like-Minded Individuals

The ION Groups' goal is to connect "like minded individuals". Using peer driven content, social networking and an on-line collaboration approach, we offer members the medium to share thoughts, ideas, best practices and relevance with other individuals that share the same organizational focus.

Networking communities are gathering places for like-minded individuals to connect via forums, blogs, articles, webcasts, podcasts etc. Sometimes termed "Talent Communities", these are places where people with common interests connect to share ideas, best practices and to network.

Recruitment Innovation Events

Recruitment Innovation Workshops
Every Spring, the Recruiter Networking Group and the Human Resources Networking Group host workshops across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa. The Recruitment Innovation Workshops focus on "what's new" in recruitment practice, and bring together leading Canadian recruitment experts and innovators to share best practices and network. The workshops are a blend of practical learning, sharing best practices and hands-on interactive exercises.

Recruitment Innovation Summit
Since 2007, RNG and HRNG have organized an annual recruitment conference in the Fall. In 2010, this conference took on the name of the Recruitment Innovation Summit (RIS). Designed for corporate and industry HR, recruitment and talent professionals across Canada, the Recruitment Innovation Summit is a two-day conference focused on leading and innovative recruitment practices and tools from Canada's top employers. It is also a great forum to network with peers and leaders across all industries.

This year's Summit is proudly sponsored by LinkedIn, Monster.ca, Talent Egg, and Knightsbridge. For more information go to the official 2011 RIS website or follow the #RIS2011 hashtag on Twitter.

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