Recruitment Advice You Can Count On

Recruitment Benchmarking

Granite Consulting is connected. We leverage the global Granite network of business, recruitment and human resources leaders for recruitment and talent market intelligence and benchmarking. What are leading organizations doing to address their talent challenges and why? Granite identifies recruitment industry best practices through market research and connecting with our deep network of global leaders. We provide insight through focused and customized market reports. We make detailed recommendations for your organization through to a suggested implementation strategy. Our recruitment and talent benchmarking services include:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Best Practice Identification

Social Media Recruitment

The benefits of leveraging Social Media to enhance the recruitment value chain are undeniable. A customized Social Media Recruitment Strategy will help to improve candidate volume and quality, increase brand awareness, improve employee engagement and help to establish a company as an employer of choice. The overall outcome is a higher return on investment and faster times to fill.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge making it important to partner with an organization that possesses the experience and is viewed as a thought leader within social media recruitment. As founders and leaders of Canada's largest online networking community for recruitment professionals (Recruiter Networking Group) and HR professionals (HR Networking Group), we understand the limitless possibilities of running a successful social media program. Through our Advisory Practice, we collaborate with industry exemplars and conduct extensive best practice recruitment research as it pertains to the ever-changing landscape of social media. We work closely with our clients - large and small - to create a customized Social Media Recruitment program that addresses the various challenges in attracting talent. We possess the experience to advise clients through the creation of strategy, to implementation and post-support. At Granite Consulting, we guide you through the four stages of the social media process:

  1. Strategy — We are engaged partners who work closely with our clients to establish Social Media readiness, identify gaps, understand obstacles to success, and create a scalable framework and strategy that adjusts with the evolution of social media and your corporate recruitment objectives.
  2. Implementation — Granite Consulting provides all of the operational and technical expertise necessary to transition from point of conceptualization through to implementation of your Social Media Recruitment program. We leverage our breadth of experience and resources in social media to counsel our clients through the critical stage of building a Social Media program, integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems and current internal processes as well as helping to mitigate risk.
  3. On-going Program Delivery — A successful Social Media Recruitment program requires dedicated resources. This is the aspect of Social Media that promotes and maintains engagement with your core candidate audience. Granite Consulting offers an outsourced solution that provides clients with the opportunity to sustain a robust social media recruitment program, while eliminating the need for costly overhead and resources.
  4. Social Media Recruitment Training — Once a Social Media Recruitment program is in place, we empower your recruitment team to utilize the various social media tools to source candidates and build talent networks. We train and support your recruiters to leverage these tools in the most efficient and effective ways. Granite Consulting delivers customized Social Media Recruitment training in a way that educates recruiters as to why these tools are effective, what are the best practices and how to generate the best results while avoiding common mistakes.

Recruitment Diagnostic

Granite Consulting's proprietary Recruitment Diagnostic is a step-by-step approach to bringing substantial and qualitative enhancements to your in-house recruitment processes and expertise. We'll help your organization solve its recruitment challenges today, and provide the tools you need to better meet those challenges in the future.

Strategy Step 1: Recruitment Diagnostic
The starting point for developing meaningful recommendations and solutions is our proprietary Recruitment Diagnostic. It provides an in-depth study of how effectively your organization implements:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Top Candidate Attraction and Sourcing
  • Assessment and Selection
  • Offers and closing
  • Induction and Retention

Strategy Step 2: Recruitment Diagnostic Report
From our comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your recruitment function, you'll get a detailed report of our findings, which will provide a solid platform for positive change. Among other information, the report will provide:

  • Performance benchmarking against recognized recruitment best-practices
  • Prioritized recommendations that are actionable and quantifiable
  • Data and insights that can be used as a baseline for enhancing or creating an organizational recruitment strategy and plan

Strategy Step 3: Strategic Action Plan
From the insights gained during the Recruitment Diagnostic we perform, your detailed action plan will address all aspects of the recruitment function, as required.

  • Effective workforce planning
  • Recruitment strategy, planning and tools
  • Recruitment innovation
  • Sourcing channel optimization
  • Assessment and selection
  • Recruiter talent and efficiency
  • Hiring leader capability
  • The offer experience
  • Candidate on-boarding