Short-term Investment for a Long-term Solution

Recruitment Training Overview

Granite Consulting's customizable training modules are a fast, efficient way to upgrade the skills of your Hiring Leaders, Recruitment Leaders, Corporate Recruiters, HR Professionals — essentially, anyone in your organization who plays a role in the recruitment and selection of talent.

Our courses can help improve all aspects of the recruitment process. For example:

  • Increase the engagement level of Hiring Leaders throughout the recruitment process.
  • Streamline every stage of a hire.
  • Differentiate great talent from merely good talent.
  • Leverage your employees' networks.
  • Improve your organization's reputation as a Top Employer.
  • Improve internal relations between all individuals involved in the recruitment process.
  • Avoid legal issues by providing compliance guidelines.
  • And much more.

Training Modules

Our courses have been designed by a team of Canadian subject matter experts, experienced educators and an advisory panel to cover every aspect of recruitment with a specifically Canadian focus. Take-away workbooks and tools are included.

Our training module list includes recruitment workshops designed …

  • to develop your hiring & business leaders
  • for your recruiter's own professional development
  • for each component of your recruitment process cycle
  • for recruitment leaders & HR professionals


We developed our training modules so that they can be scaled and custom-tailored, if required, to suit specific objectives. Here are some examples:

  • Business / Hiring Leaders
    This vital recruitment role can be made more effective with modules that focus on interviewing and selecting top talent, leveraging your networks, successfully influencing and negotiating with top candidates, and following through with a detailed ROI assessment.
  • Recruitment Leaders
    A module customized specifically for Recruitment Leaders could focus on key functions such as leading a high-performance recruitment team, leveraging your brand, tapping into internal talent pipelines, and more. Achieve better efficiencies by learning how to best spend a recruitment budget, ND track performance through accurate metrics and ROI reporting.
  • Corporate Recruiters
    An extensive menu of training modules is available to cover all aspects of this key role. Improved skills and leading-edge techniques can help recruiters be more proactive in recruiting, develop a qualitative sourcing strategy, and improve the interviewing and assessment process. Recruiters can discover how to better handle the offer experience, onboarding and more.
  • HR Professionals
    The role of HR Professionals in your organization's recruitment process can be made more integral and beneficial through training that enhances their ability to effectively partner with recruitment, and facilitate the movement of internal talent.